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Logistic Center in Piacenza, Italy, 2019

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The logistic center located in Piacenza supplies the region Southern Europe for a major European retailer. With sustainability in mind, the furniture store company went for a retrofit of their lighting solution.

With a total surface of around 200.000 m2 the logistic center is indeed an impressive building complex. The old installation was replaced by LED lamps to reduce energy and maintenance costs whilst improving light quality. In total more than 15.000 lamps were replaced. The lighting solution is controlled via DALI in order to enable accurate control of the light levels and to monitor lamp operations. The L-DALI lighting controllers are integrated in the building management system via BACnet (Emerson E2E Building Controllers) to provide a unified user interface and control environment to the facility management team.

BACS Environment – Integration of more than 20 large Retail Stores The retailer runs around 20 large retail sites across Italy and standardised all sites around the same building automation and control system solution. This ensures that the internal facility management technicians can support each other and have a common user interface. The control system of the distribution center has been designed as a modular extension of the standard solution of retail shop buildings. These structural decisions not only reduce maintenance and operational costs but also costs for integrating new retail stores.

Inside each building, there is a supervisory station that aggregates information from all the BACS controllers installed and provides a unified user interface for alarms, data trending and changes to set points and time schedules. The lamp replacement and controller integration project has offered the opportunity to review and improve the control level of the lighting solution. The customer already had a building automation and control system backbone based on Emerson controllers and monitoring software. LOYTEC LDALI-ME20x-U controllers, with their BACnet interface, have offered the possibility to include the new lighting subsystem as an extension of the existing control system.


The building automation and control systems solution together with the LOYTEC L-DALI based lighting control solution helped the customer to significantly decrease energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint and to standardise a sustainable future proof solution for his retail sites in Italy.

Interesting Facts

Location Piacenza, Italy
20 retail stores in Italy
Number of nodes  15 000
Networking protocols DALI, BACnet
Partner Company Emerson
LOYTEC products LDALI-ME201-U Lighting Controller
LDALI-ME204-U Lighting Controller